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Original OSNews Interviews Today we feature an in-depth interview with three members of FreeBSD's Core (Wes Peters, Greg Lehey and M. Warner Losh) and also a major FreeBSD developer (Scott Long). It is a long read, but we touch a number of hot issues, from the Java port to corporate backing, the Linux competition, the 5.x branch and how it stacks up against the other Unices, UFS2, the possible XFree86 fork, SCO and its Unix IP situation, even re-unification of the BSDs. If you are into (any) Unix, this interview is a must read.
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The Devil Is In The Details
by Freethinker on Tue 29th Apr 2003 14:24 UTC

Eugenia, I didn't mean the QUESTIONS were full of errors, but the ANSWERS. Editing their words never entered my mind, but I think that spelling errors, if not corrected, would at least be indicated as such, i.e.[sic], as is the custom in print media. To me, online journalism is print journalism in a different way and feel that as print articles are proofed so to are electronic ones.
As for the rest of my post, which WAS critical of the attitudes
manifested by those interviewed, but I think no more so than some others I've read here today (and, in fact, quoted or otherwise referred to by other posters) why was it modded along with the flame? Critique them I did and I also said specifically what I was referring to in the article.
As for the thumbnails, I really can't recall having seen the thumbnails accompanying each section like that. Most distro reviews/articles do have screenshots in them, but I thought the thumbnails were particulatly illustrative. If I've missed them before, I've missed out then and I'll need to re-read those distro reviews.