Linked by Adam S on Wed 30th Apr 2003 07:26 UTC
Linux Lately, we've all read a lot of articles about desktop Linux - so many that it's getting hard to tell them apart. One says "Why Linux Sucks," the next "My Success With Linux." Even Michael Robertson of joined the fun with his "Why Desktop Linux Sucks, Today." But very few people have proposed anything radical, and I believe that's what's needed to take GNU/Linux to the next level.
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Interesting Ideas
by atif on Tue 29th Apr 2003 22:44 UTC

I think most of what he mentioned can be done, and probably wouldn't take very long. Ideas such as the file structure etc need some polishing, and instead of including every single library, maybe it would be more prudent to make it really simple to download and install what you dont have when installing a new package. Maybe a central repository that can setup whatever libraries your missing?

I like the idea of an easy to install BSD as well. But BSD doesn't have the momentum that Linux presently has. But then is that a bad thing?

Anyway, if anyone wants to do this/discuss this further. I'd love to contribute.