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Linux Lately, we've all read a lot of articles about desktop Linux - so many that it's getting hard to tell them apart. One says "Why Linux Sucks," the next "My Success With Linux." Even Michael Robertson of joined the fun with his "Why Desktop Linux Sucks, Today." But very few people have proposed anything radical, and I believe that's what's needed to take GNU/Linux to the next level.
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my current experience
by davebsr on Tue 29th Apr 2003 23:05 UTC

I've been a happy mandrake user for a couple of years now. It just works. It doesnt' support every piece of hardware, but that's not linux's fault. It's the manufacturer's fault.

The system is stable. I have to do very little via text-file editing any more. I have nearly all linux apps available via contrib, and if something isn't packaged via rpm I just install it to /usr/local.

i've had maybe one or two applications crash, over a several month period, on MDK9.1 - gaim and mozilla, the ones I use the most.

The overall system organization is logical, if you know what the names mean. After a while, you don't even think about it. So what they don't make perfect sense? who pushes the START button to shut off the computer? Windows users know that that is just the way it is...and I know the same thing about why /usr isn't where user directories are.

I'm happy. I'm more than happy, I'm content. My OS does all I need it to. It works. It is stable. It is secure. The abstraction is pretty good. And that makes me happy.