Linked by Adam S on Wed 30th Apr 2003 07:26 UTC
Linux Lately, we've all read a lot of articles about desktop Linux - so many that it's getting hard to tell them apart. One says "Why Linux Sucks," the next "My Success With Linux." Even Michael Robertson of joined the fun with his "Why Desktop Linux Sucks, Today." But very few people have proposed anything radical, and I believe that's what's needed to take GNU/Linux to the next level.
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Show your mother the file system
by bninja_penguin on Wed 30th Apr 2003 06:35 UTC

Show your mother the file system of any Operating System and have her guess where the program is. That is just a stupid comment. Show your mother the inside of the Space Shuttle and ask her where the main electrical breaker is. My mom knows where her files are, because I showed her. If you remember, when you first started using a computer, no matter what OS, you didn't know shit about it. You learned, why can't your mom? If you think POSIX guidelines are wrong, write your own guidelines, and build your company around them. There is nothing stopping you from rolling your own distro of FreeBSD, if that's what you want to do. If you want someone else to pay you to do it, start asking around, otherwise, in your spare time (and I know there's probably not much of it) start up the distro of your dreams, and someone may join you in developing it. I won't, because I happen to like Linux the way it is, with way too many choices of some things, and very little of others, but the source code to all that I get on the discs.