Linked by Adam S on Wed 30th Apr 2003 07:26 UTC
Linux Lately, we've all read a lot of articles about desktop Linux - so many that it's getting hard to tell them apart. One says "Why Linux Sucks," the next "My Success With Linux." Even Michael Robertson of joined the fun with his "Why Desktop Linux Sucks, Today." But very few people have proposed anything radical, and I believe that's what's needed to take GNU/Linux to the next level.
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The one thing linux i missing!!
by Morten Lund on Wed 30th Apr 2003 09:54 UTC

If hardware manufactores would just deliver drivers for linux and not just windows. The software companies are allready(more or less) supporting linux, but importent hardware manufactores as creative labs should make drivers for linux, so the costumer could benefit the advanced features of their sound cards(like EAX). I like what nvidia and ati are us drivers and actualy updating them ;) Why ain't manufactores like logitech, creative, microsoft(NOT gonna happen). Another annoying thing about drivers is that after produkt launch there will go like 3 months or so before drivers might begin showing. come on, a little more support and alot of people will be very happy.