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Original OSNews Interviews Today we feature an in-depth interview with three members of FreeBSD's Core (Wes Peters, Greg Lehey and M. Warner Losh) and also a major FreeBSD developer (Scott Long). It is a long read, but we touch a number of hot issues, from the Java port to corporate backing, the Linux competition, the 5.x branch and how it stacks up against the other Unices, UFS2, the possible XFree86 fork, SCO and its Unix IP situation, even re-unification of the BSDs. If you are into (any) Unix, this interview is a must read.
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Judging from theses, there seem to be some really serious problems and concerns within FreeBSD community. And frankly I don't like it. *sigh*

This kind of message may seem discouraging, but it is par for the course of any large opensource project. What was the resolution in this thread,. if any? Trailing linux-kernel, one sees all manner of disparaging commentary on differnt approaches taken to solve a problem,. or to current problems.

(For example, dynamic allocation of device nodes has been something desired in linux for many years,.. noone has figured out a way to do it very well yet,. they're considering making dev_t bigger in the interim).

Just because you see a few messages that are not terribly encouraging doesn't mean that the Project is in any danger. To the contrary, it shows that it's quite healthy :o)