Linked by Jared White on Wed 7th May 2003 07:13 UTC
General Development Welcome back to Part 2 of Cocoa 101: Object-Oriented Programming for the Masses! I received a lot of great feedback on my previous article, and I'm looking forward to sharing with you once again what I've learned about Cocoa and the Objective-C language. If you missed Part 1 of this tutorial, read it here.
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Objective-C and Cocoa
by Heinr!ch on Wed 7th May 2003 15:48 UTC

(I'm being the devil's advocate here - so forgive me...) I have a hard time imagining developers embracing Cocoa, let alone Objective-C. Why would anyone want to program in a language that effectively is only popular on one platform? Why would anyone want to use a closed framework that's bound to a single platform? As an enterprise developer I can tell you that there's no way any IT shop I know of would consider going back from Java or .NET. Yes, you can write Cocoa apps in Java. But again, why would I do this instead of SWT or Swing?? These facts alone will keep Apple in the consumer market - barely.