Linked by Jared White on Wed 7th May 2003 07:13 UTC
General Development Welcome back to Part 2 of Cocoa 101: Object-Oriented Programming for the Masses! I received a lot of great feedback on my previous article, and I'm looking forward to sharing with you once again what I've learned about Cocoa and the Objective-C language. If you missed Part 1 of this tutorial, read it here.
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Re: Objective-C and Cocoa
by Heinr!ch on Wed 7th May 2003 16:59 UTC

"Cocoa is an implementation of the OpenStep specification. It's cross-platform. Right now Cocoa apps can run on Mac OSX or Linux with little change necessary, and hopefully the Gnustep platform can be made to compile on Windows."

That's great but I just don't see developers embracing it en masse when Microsoft, Sun, and IBM are pitching a simpler development paradigm - which truly applies to 95% of application development requirements out there. Very few apps need such fine control over system resources these days because it's far less expensive to scale up than it is to write such concise applications (that's not to say that some apps wouldn't benefit from it). If you look at how companies are spending money right now, you'll note that it's on creative integration and scaling (up or out). Few, if any companies, are switching from VB, Java, or .NET to C, C++, or Objective-C. That's all I was saying. ;-)