Linked by Kevin Adams on Fri 9th May 2003 23:04 UTC
Linux "Lately, there has been lots of discussion on the current state of Linux as a desktop system, and articles pop up here and there, occasionally with very good ideas. However, none have surprised me more than this one. It was all very hyphothetical, but had pretty radical ideas on how the author thought the Linux directory tree should be reorganized." Read more about GoboLinux, a Linux distro that uses a new style directory tree at
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by akira on Sat 10th May 2003 00:02 UTC

i'm sorry, it took me about 5 minutes to find out what /mnt, /home, /usr, /etc, etc meant. come on. this is another one of those lame "Is linux ready for the desktop" articles in disguise. who really cares if linux is on the desktop. and judging by the amount of articles written on the subject just tells me it's not.

if you have an IQ of an ant, linux isn't for you. if you wanna whine and cry about /mnt confusing you, then don't use it. winblowz is a perfect OS for these types of people, it requires little or no thought process to operate.

Advice: stop posting/writing stupid "Is linux ready for the desktop?" articles. they are all old. they have no substance, and are usually subjective, cheerleading for one side or the other.

that's my $0.02