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Linux "Lately, there has been lots of discussion on the current state of Linux as a desktop system, and articles pop up here and there, occasionally with very good ideas. However, none have surprised me more than this one. It was all very hyphothetical, but had pretty radical ideas on how the author thought the Linux directory tree should be reorganized." Read more about GoboLinux, a Linux distro that uses a new style directory tree at
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Re: Whatever
by Spark on Sat 10th May 2003 06:44 UTC

I'm not sure that I'd bank on your mother and grandmother as being a fair representation of most computer users.

More than the average OSNews reader actually. ;)

"Most computer users" either get whatever comes with their PC or pirate stuff. The target for making money is on the corporate desktop.

And the key to success on the corporate desktop is a huge marketshare on the home desktop.

They litter the filesystem - and that's in Windows, a fairly readable system!

Right, that's why they shouldn't be invited to do that. ;)

Put them in Linux and they don't know their head from their feet - they won't know how to organize anything.

Because Linux still sucks on the desktop (for non-geeks). We just disagree on the reasons.

Users organize their stuff in $HOME, that's there territory. Everything else should be organized by the system itself.