Linked by Kevin Adams on Fri 9th May 2003 23:04 UTC
Linux "Lately, there has been lots of discussion on the current state of Linux as a desktop system, and articles pop up here and there, occasionally with very good ideas. However, none have surprised me more than this one. It was all very hyphothetical, but had pretty radical ideas on how the author thought the Linux directory tree should be reorganized." Read more about GoboLinux, a Linux distro that uses a new style directory tree at
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You think you know me but you don't know me
by Khadrin on Sat 10th May 2003 15:14 UTC

Readign the posts by the hard core Unix users I get teh understanding that they don't want their SERVER OS messed up.

Well I would argue that it is not necessary to "mess up" anything.

Why not just fork Linux into a Desktop OS and Server OS?

Because it would be a horrible engineering decision to do so. Cut&Paste is a form of reuse. Unfortunately it is the worst form of reuse.

Soon we will make it the ideal stage for a single user desktop OS: No standard directory structure at all.

Now there is a radical idea I could get behind! It will be awesome when the filesystem is really a database. The filesystem is one implementation detail that is far too exposed to the end user as it stands now.

Do you WANT Linux to fail on the desktop?

Absolutely not. Where we disagree is that I don't find GoboLinux to be an improvement. I am for more extraction of implementation details. I am for radical changes when they make sense.

I don't run Windows on any of my computers, so of course I care very much about issues related to Linux on the desktop. I could never go back to Windows because it is inferior in too many ways that are important to me. One of those ways is the poor quality of package management tools in use on Windows versus the wealth of quality solutions available for Linux.