Linked by Kevin Adams on Fri 9th May 2003 23:04 UTC
Linux "Lately, there has been lots of discussion on the current state of Linux as a desktop system, and articles pop up here and there, occasionally with very good ideas. However, none have surprised me more than this one. It was all very hyphothetical, but had pretty radical ideas on how the author thought the Linux directory tree should be reorganized." Read more about GoboLinux, a Linux distro that uses a new style directory tree at
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RE: This is plain stupid
by Ken Lynch on Sat 10th May 2003 15:21 UTC

I like the FHS, and I don't know why we should fix it, 'cause it's not broken - most users are just plain stupid (or lazy, or ignorant).

Are most drivers lazy because all they know is how to start/stop the car and where to put petrol in? Are people who drive automatics stupid because they don't understand changing gear? No. Users want to use a computer to do the task they want to do quickly, everything else is cognitive overhead and shouldn't be visible. Basically, one place to launch a program from, one place to store documents, one place to configure the system with only the most useful options available and sensible defaults for everything else. Of course there needs to be a way to get 'under the hood', but those of you who want Linux widely adopted need to know and listen to what your intended users want.