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Linux "Lately, there has been lots of discussion on the current state of Linux as a desktop system, and articles pop up here and there, occasionally with very good ideas. However, none have surprised me more than this one. It was all very hyphothetical, but had pretty radical ideas on how the author thought the Linux directory tree should be reorganized." Read more about GoboLinux, a Linux distro that uses a new style directory tree at
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Package management etc.
by Ken Lynch on Sat 10th May 2003 17:35 UTC

In order to find out which programs are installed, or to remove installed ones, the user must look _somehwere_, and they have to know _where_. So in effect, they have to know _where_ the programs are installed. This doesn't mean that this "where" is inside the filesystem.

Why do you need to know where a program is installed? All you need is a well organised (no like Windows) and obvious programs menu. All installed programs should be able to be run, configured and uninstalled from this menu (no other superfluous crap like in Windows - though this is not Windows fault but software companies) - what other package management tasks are needed for an average home user? It really surprises me that no OS I know of (I'm not familiar with every OS so don't shoot me) handles installing/uninstalling software as simply as this.