posted by Eugenia Loli on Wed 25th May 2005 17:26 UTC
IconToday Nokia announced the introduction of the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet device along with the Open Source based Maemo Development Platform. Update: Correction, it is using Opera 8 as web browser.

The typical use case for the Nokia 770 is to be the internet usability extension to your mobile phone or other wireless internet access equipment.

It is extremely portable by its small formfactor, usable for almost all internet applications thorugh its exceptional resolution of 800x480 pixel and its multimedia capabilities by making use of a TI-OMAP CPU and a accompanying digital signal processor (DSP) core.

The consequent use of open source software and technology basing on the Linux kernel 2.6, X11-server technology and the GTK+ toolkit the resulting new Hildon graphical user interface creates a fully new user interface experience for portable Linux devices.

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