posted by Peter Bui on Mon 13th Jun 2005 01:52 UTC
IconThor Lancelot Simon wrote to the NetBSD-Advocacy Mailing List: "There are many upgrades we'd like to make to the NetBSD project infrastructure, but which we cannot make because, to be blunt, our project is poor. Not poor in innovation nor poor in developer resources nor poor in features -- poor in cold, hard cash, the kind we need in order to buy hardware that would let us better serve our users."

Although it is unusual for the project to solicit donations from its users, the project is in dire need of money for upgrading its build infrastucture. In particular, it is looking to update the autobuild system and the anonymous CVS system. To help donate, please read the linked message and go to the NetBSD Project website. There is a PayPal link where users can donated directly to the project. Furthermore, there is an official NetBSD store at CafePress where one can buy various merchandise to support the project.

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