posted by Mike Bouma on Sat 1st Jun 2002 16:28 UTC
IconLast week Eyetech began shipping the first finalized AmigaOneG3-SE boards to developers. Apart from the boot ROM, these boards are identical to consumer AmigaOneG3-SE boards. Eyetech also announced a more expensive version called AmigaOne-XE motherboard, which will come with socketed PPC CPU(s) and an AmigaOne trade-in option will be available through AmigaOne dealers. Soon more dealers like i.e. Forefront Technologies, a company which is also developing ATI Radeon drivers for AmigaOS4, are to be included on this list.

On other Amiga news, Thendic-France announced that it has shipped the first PEGASOS PPC computer based on bPlan's ATX PPC mainboard project. You can download an early demonstration video of the system running MorphOS and a classic 68k AmigaOS emulation on top. The MorphOS version demonstrated, allows users to boot straightly into an emulated AmigaOS 3.x environment, similar to the way Amithlon does this on mainstream PC hardware. Sadly bPlan and Amiga Inc have not yet been able to come to an agreement with regard to the legal status of MorphOS and due to other issues AmigaOS4 support for the PEGASOS is being delayed. However Yellow Dog Linux should be available as an OS alternative at consumer launch as well.

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