posted by Andrew Youll on Sat 27th Aug 2005 16:45 UTC, submitted by Raffaele
IconAfter two years of active development, we are proud to announce the immediate availability of the free MorphOS 3D Update pack. This pack brings Warp3D and OpenGL(R) API compatibility to a whole new range of hardware including 3dfx Voodoo and ATI Radeon.

Support and help forum for users of MorphOS AmigaClassic PowerUP version is available at (Discussion thread for Mediator Card users is also already open).

Poseidon USB Stack is now available for MOS PowerUP version

Mupper "Rescue LIVE-CD for Pegasos" is now available. It is Gentoo based and supports a lot of filesystems, including AmigaFFS, EXT2 EXT3, Reiser, FAT, VFAT, NTFS, ISO9660+Joliet.

And last but not of the least, first screenshots and a anim-video of a working pre-release of KHTML engine ready for MorphOS are available at Polish Amiga Portal.

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