posted by Eugenia Loli on Sat 29th Oct 2005 19:20 UTC, submitted by NicolasRoard
IconGregory John Casamento just announced the release of Gorm 1.0 on the gnustep mailing lists. Gorm is the GNUstep graphical interface builder which let you easily create GUI applications.

Noteworthy changes are:

  • All inspectors are now modeled in .gorm files.
  • Added autosizing to form attributes inspector.
  • Utilize and maintain parent/child data structure more pervasively
  • Reorganized code in palettes for cleaner implementation.
  • Removed code to check for user bundles, since bugs in Camaelon which prompted those changes were fixed long ago.
  • Added documentation to GormCore

Some videos (in flash) demonstrating Gorm and development with GNUstep are available too.
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