posted by Eugenia Loli on Mon 31st Oct 2005 09:42 UTC
IconAccording to recent news, global shipments of smartphones are up 75% in Q3 2005, with PDA-only handheld shipments falling 18% and converged devices more than doubled in volume. So, what are the tech-inclined OSNews readers are opting for? Come in and vote.

Cellphones today usually are categorized in 5 ways. Here are some sample configurations for these categories (configurations that could vary in many ways of course and are given here only as a guideline):
1. Low-end phones. Few LCD colors and very low resolutions (e.g. 96x64), only SMS support, no camera, no java, 500KB to 4 MB internal storage. Example: Sony Ericsson J210i, Nokia 1221.
2. Low-end feature phones. CIF/VGA camera (no flashlight), 128x128 STN LCD or similar, Java, 5-15 MB internal storage. Example: Sony Ericsson K300i, Nokia 6235i.
3. Mid-range feature phones. VGA to 1 MP camera with flashlight, 128x160 or 176x220 TFTs, Java, EMS, 15-35 MBs internal storage, Bluetooth. Example: Sony Ericsson K700i, Motorola ROKR.
4. High-end feature phones. 2MP cameras, QVGA or 176x220 TFTs, Bluetooth, flash storage slot and 35-50 MBs internal storage, high multimedia inclination. Examples: Sony Ericsson K750i and W800i, Nokia 7370.
5. Smartphones. Any Windows, PalmOS, Symbian or Linux powered devices.

Note: This poll requires javascript to view and vote for.

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