posted by Thom Holwerda on Tue 10th Jan 2006 18:45 UTC
IconApple's Steve Jobs has announced several new products today during his keynote at MacWorld (photos). After the usual chit-chat about the success of the retail stores and iTunes, Jobs got to the meat of the matter. He announced an FM-tuner with remote-control for the Nano/Video iPod. Read more for the really interesting stuff!

Now, on to what really interests us:

  • Mac OS 10.4.4: released today with new widgets;
  • iLife '06: released today ($79, free on new Macs), better podcasting support in GarageBand, and 'photocasting' in iPhoto;
  • iWeb: added to iLife '06, an application with which you can share photos, movies, music, blogs, and more (.Mac only; sort of 'website builder');
  • iWork '06: available today ($79, 30-day trial on new Macs);
  • FM/IR accessory for new iPods
  • That pretty much sums up the software part. Then, Jobs wants to talk systems, and Intel's CEO Paul Otellini appears in a cloud of smoke.

  • The first Apple Intel machine will be the iMac: it features the same design as the latest iMac G5, including Front Row, iSight camera, the same screensizes, and the same price-- however, 2 to 3 times faster, using an Intel Duo processor, shipping today;
  • OSX and iLife/iWork, and applications that come with it, are universal binaries and thus run natively on Intel processors;
  • Apple's Pro applications will be universal by March 2006, and you can trade in an old version for the universal one and receive a $49 rebate;
  • Microsoft is on track to release universal binaries of Office and Messenger;
  • Apple will transition all Macs to Intel this year.

    And of course, the inevitable 'One more thing...'.

  • A new laptop: MacBook Pro: featuring an Intel Core Duo processor, and a 15.4" screen;
  • Obviously thinner and faster than the previous PowerBook ('fastest notebook ever'), and also includes a built-in iSight, and Remote control/Front Row;
  • 1.67 Ghz Core Duo: $1999, 1.83 Ghz Core Duo: $2499, can be ordered as of today, but will be shipping in Februari.

    That about wraps it up for the keynote. I'd like to thank both World Of Apple and MacRumors for their hard work on providing live feeds!

    --Thom Holwerda

    PS: We will update this page with product links as they appear on Apple's website.

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