posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 8th Feb 2006 17:09 UTC, submitted by gubol123
IconSomeone claims to have found Vista's release date by using a clever trick. "How do I know? Well, Microsoft EMEA has put up a website where you can guess the launch date for Windows Vista. After you submit a date, it plays a hint video. There’s actually a bunch of videos, some of which are quite funny. Anyway, here comes the interesting part: If you take a look at the page source, the videos are hosted on a Microsoft server in Switzerland. And depending on your guess, they are being loaded either from a subdirectory /early/ or another one named /late/. By simple iteration I quickly found that 'early' ends Nov 30th while 'late' starts Dec 1st. So either one of these will be the launch date. If this all is not a dirty little trick from the webmaster, of course..."
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