posted by Thom Holwerda on Sat 8th Apr 2006 16:33 UTC, submitted by Dylan
IconMicrosoft has responded positively to Apple's Boot Camp, stating: "Windows is a great operating system. We're pleased that Apple customers are excited about running it, and that Apple is responding to meet the demand." Apple, in the meantime, stated that Apple will never sell Macs with Windows pre-installed, while VoodooPC's CTO wonders what Boot Camp's implications might be. And on a related note, VMWare's CEO confirmed that they are working on a version for Mac OS X on Intel. Update: According to AppleInsider, Apple will rename its iBook line to MacBook, and launch them near the end of this month. The MacBook will sport Core-Duo processors, 13" widescreen, built-in iSight, and Front Row/remote.
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