posted by Thom Holwerda on Tue 16th May 2006 16:19 UTC, submitted by Robert Schuster
Icon"The GNU Classpath team would like to announce the release of version 0.91 of their Free class library for the Java programming language. In the last 10 weeks the project implemented the Java Printing API based on CUPS, finished an 'Ocean' theme similar to the one available in version 5.0 of Sun's Java2 Standard Edition runtime, implemented the APIs for UI accessibility features, and updated many parts of the class library documentation. The latter was done by David Gilbert of JFreeChart, who takes part in the GNU project and gave a demostration (.odp|.pdf) at FOSDEM 2006 showing that JFreeChart is able to run on 100% Free software (Cairo + JamVM + GNU Classpath)."
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