posted by Adam S on Fri 16th Jun 2006 20:33 UTC
IconAt its core, OSNews is a site driven by interesting content about alternative Operating Systems. As such, we're introducing "OSNews Alternative OS Contest," a contest aimed at getting back to our roots and generating interest and publicity in alternative Operating Systems. Read on for the rules & prizes.

In order to participate in the OSNews Alternative OS contest, you must write a feature length article (at least 500 words) about your experience with an alternative OS. Your alternative OS should be an operating system other than Windows, Mac OS, Linux, xBSD, or Solaris. If you are unsure of whether or not an operating system qualifies, email me at adam at osnews dot com or see below. If it isn't made by Microsoft or Apple and isn't built on a Linux or Unix kernel, it probably does.

...basically, tell us how your OS works, and how it's different from everything else we've used.

We will be awarding up to 5 two years subscriptions to OSNews and up to 10 one year subscriptions to OSNews as prizes. In addition, we have other prizes, such as an mp3 player, books, and more. Details and quantity of prizes will depend on the number of qualified submissions.

Winners will be notified via email and their work will be featured on the website. We will run the winning entries in succession over the course of several days or weeks, again, depending on the number of accepted entries. By submitting your work to OSNews, you are allowing us to exclusively publish your work on our website. You may not republish the same article elsewhere for 30 days.

Here are some of the specifics:

  • Your article must be written in English.
  • We reserve the right to edit any submissions for clarity only. Anything questionable we'll get your approval first.
  • The work must be original work written expressly for OSNews. Articles previously published elsewhere, including your blog, are not eligible.
  • The work should cover an existing desktop OS available to the public for download or purchase.
  • The contest begins immediately and runs through Thursday, 14 July 2006.
  • Articles must be submitted to osnews-crew at osnews dot com and your subject line must contain the words "contest entry" (although more words are acceptable, or even preferable.)
  • A complete list of contest winners will be available at the completion of the contest.
  • Your article should be written in HTML format (preferred) or in plain text, but should be submitted as an ATTACHMENT in one of the following file formats: Open Document (ODT), Rich Text File (RTF), Word Document (DOC), Plain Text (txt). All other formats will be considered ineligible, even if we can read them. Screenshots are encouraged (JPG or PNG only, please) and may be bundled with your article into a ZIP file or a tarball (tgz, tar.gz). IF you must create thumbnails (required only if the original PNG/JPEG/GIF picture is more than 600 pixels wide), make sure that these thumbnails are in JPEG format and exactly 160 pixels wide.
  • If you have any connection to the project - you're a developer or contributor, etc - that's fine! In fact, it's encouraged. No one has better insight into your project than you!

    We will be judging completely subjectively based on many factors, including: quality, depth, readability/clarity, grammar, and uniqueness. If the articles are worthwhile and different enough, we may accept two reviews of the same OS. We want give away prizes, so there's no reason not to fire up Minix3 and get crackin'.

    If you're looking for a starting off point, we would love to see comprehensive reviews of:

  • Haiku
  • SkyOS
  • ReactOS
  • Zeta
  • Syllable
  • QNX
  • Plan 9
  • TriangleOS
  • HelenOS
  • HydrixOS
  • RiscOS
  • Visopsys
  • any other unique and interesting OS!

    Good luck!

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