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"Itojun, NetBSD Core Team"
1. How is the "relationship" between the NetBSD programmers and the OpenBSD/FreeBSD ones? Do you share code, opinions, chatting regularly? Or all these BSD projects are completely independant to each other?

Itojun: Yes we do chat with each other and share code/opinions. Some of the developers do have commit access (can modify source code tree) for multiple BSDs.

2. Do you incorporate code to NetBSD from OpenBSD or FreeBSD when important changes are made to these OSes?

Itojun: Yes, but depending on the characteristics of the changes. If it is a one-line change for security issue, we'd integrate them right away. If it is a big feature addition, we review them carefully and sometimes do integrate the changes, sometime do not (we get similar changes from others, we implement it ourselves, or integrate it with lot of improvements).

3. What goodies the next version of NetBSD is scheduled to bring us?

Itojun: SMP (for multiple platforms!) and fine-grained thread support are the biggest targets we are attacking. More platforms support, of course.

4. NetBSD's goal is to port the OS to as many platforms as it can. Which platforms are still needed NetBSD to be ported and it is a priority to do so?

Itojun: Sony PlayStation2 (port exists, needs integration).

Table of contents
  1. "Matt Dillon, VM and kernel FreeBSD team, Part I"
  2. "Matt Dillon, VM and kernel FreeBSD team, Part II"
  3. "Matt Dillon, VM and kernel FreeBSD team, Part III"
  4. "Matt Dillon, VM and kernel FreeBSD team, Part IV"
  5. "Itojun, NetBSD Core Team"
  6. "Theo de Raadt, OpenBSD Founder"
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