posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 2nd Aug 2006 06:37 UTC
IconAfter all the debate, gtk# will most likely find its way into GNOME. "The release team has completed its second meeting to try to finish the new module decisions. And, after all the long threads on d-d-l and the many discussions amongst ourselves trying to determine community consensus, we finally have the decisions. In summary: orca, alacarte, and gnome-power-manager are in; gtk# and tomboy are in, assuming the issues mentioned are resolved; sticky notes becomes deprecated, assuming tomboy issues are resolved and gets in." Update: Elijah Newren emailed me concerning an important aspect of the current decision, and asked me to highlight it. So, read more!

Elijah asked me to highlight the following part of the decision concerning gtk#:

"New modules may be accepted into the desktop or admin releases with a dependency on gtk#/mono, but any modules accepted into either of those release sets without a dependency on gtk#/mono may not gain one without going through the proposal process again in a subsequent release."

Eliah explained:

"The 'but' clause appears to have missed several peoples' attention, but I believe it was critical in making this decision palatable to those who strongly opposed any dependency on gtk# (it effectively is an assurance that those who want to remove gtk# will be able to do so without crippling their Gnome installation). I have received at least one email (from the person who I thought was most strongly opposing such a dependency) to that effect. Anyway, I fear that without this rule accompanying the article, people will draw the wrong conclusions about this decision -- causing more effort wasted on unnecessary flamage rather than be put to good use on pushing the free/open source desktop forward. That may be an unfounded fear, but it's one I have nevertheless. ;-)"

Through experience, I think that that fear is anything but unfounded.

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