posted by Thom Holwerda on Mon 25th Sep 2006 21:00 UTC, submitted by mikemuch
Icon"Sure, you've use Firefox and Internet Explorer. You may have even dabbled in Flock and Opera, or even become a devotee of one of these lesser-known applications. But have you ever browsed the web with Deepnet Explorer? How 'bout SeaMonkey? And when's the last time you used Netscape? Did you even know that it was still around? And that's without even mentioning the really obscure browsers, with names like NutScrape, Orca, Salamander, Skipstone, SkyKruzer, Kazehakase, Madfox, Arachne, Charon, Chimera, Dillo, Oregano, and Viola. Here we'll review three web browsers that are far from today's Internet limelight: Deepnet Explorer, Netscape, and SeaMonkey." On a related note, a new version of K-Meleon has been released.
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