posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 25th Oct 2006 16:02 UTC, submitted by luna6
IconTwo reviews of the recently released Fedora Core 6. "FC 6 certainly is one of the best looking distro’s I have seen, especially for a default installation. but several smaller issue bugs that crept into FC 6 made me wonder how organized they really are. The problems I encountered with Fedora Core 6 were not huge issues, but there were enough smaller bugs that made me wonder if this release was rushed." And secondly, "FC6 is here, at last, and we've been busy putting it through its paces to let you see what's new. You're probably most interested in the following questions: Is Yum still slow? (yes). How good is AIGLX? (excellent). Does it still lack many configuration tools (yes)."
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