posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 1st Nov 2006 21:56 UTC, submitted by PeteM
IconAmith Singh writes about the Trusted Computing Module found in Intel Macs. "Regardless of what the media has been harping on for a long time, and regardless of what system attackers have been saying about the 'evil TPM protection' Apple uses, Apple is doing no TPM-related evil thing. In fact, Apple is doing no TPM-related cryptographic thing at all in Mac OS X. Yes, I know, there has been much talk of 'TPM keys' and such, but there are no TPM keys that Apple is hiding somewhere. More specifically, Apple simply does not use the TPM hardware. In Apple computer models that do contain a TPM, the hardware is available for use by the machine's owner. Of course, to use it you need a device driver, which Apple indeed doesn't provide."
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