posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 20th Dec 2006 10:08 UTC
IconA pair of security researchers has picked January 2007 as the starting point for a month-long project in which each passing day will feature a previously undocumented security hole in Apple's OS X or in Apple applications that run on top of it. The 'Month of Apple Bugs' project, currently slated to begin on Jan. 1, is being orchestrated in part by a security researcher who asked to be identified only by his online alias 'LMH'. This is the same researcher who in November ran the 'Month of Kernel Bugs' project. LMH's partner in this project is Kevin Finisterre, a researcher who has reported numerous bugs to Apple over the past few years. As with the kernel bugs project, Apple will be given no advance notice with the Month of Apple bugs, LMH said.
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