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IconAt the MacWorld conference in San Francisco, After the usual words of praise about the iPod+iTunes and the smoothness of the transition to Intel, Apple announced several new products. Surprisingly, nothing was said about new Macs or Leopard. The keynote speech started at 17:00 GMT. Read on for the details.

Apple TV

Firstly, Apple announced the Apple TV (formerly known as iTV), which will enable you to stream your media content to your TV from any Mac. It will also allow you to buy content in the iTunes Music Store. It has ethernet, USB2.0, Wi-Fi (b/g/n), HDMI, component/RCA, 720p HD video, 40GB harddisk, and an Intel processor. Because of the harddisk, you can also sync content to the device. The pricetag in the USA will be USD 299, and shipping will start in February (orders can be taken today).

The Newton Lives. Again.

Secondly, Apple introduced the much anticipated and much discussed and much rumoured 'iPhone'; Jobs described it as a combination of a widescreen iPod, a mobile phone, and an internet communicator. After lamenting current smartphones, Jobs continued to explain that the major problem with smartphones today is that their keypads and keys are fixed; hence, the keypad on the iPhone is actually a touchscreen, without a stylus.

The big news: the phone runs Mac OS X, yet nothing was said about the how and the what or about a SDK becoming available. It features all the Core technologies and has desktop-class applications. It can sync just like an iPod, and does music, video, photos, calendars, notes, bookmarks; the whole nine yards. It has a 3.5" screen (160p per inch). It also features sensors; a proximity sensor (turns off screen when the phone is near the ear), an ambient light sensor, and it also senses whether it's in portrait or landscape mode.

It has icons on its 'desktop', which launch upon touch while it also features a coverflow-like view for contacts. The device is quad-band, has GsM+EDGE (no 3G), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. It also supports conference calls, and it has a Safari-based webbrowser and support for widgets and Google Maps. Apple also announced a partnership with Yahoo! to deliver push IMAP mail to the iPhone, while also supporting plain old pop mail. It will cost USD 499 (4GB) and USD 599 (8GB) (2 year contract). Available in June in the US (Cingular), Europe and Asia to follow later.

All in all, the iPhone is a PDA. The Newton is back.

Apple Computer Is No More

After talking about the iPhone for 80 minutes (I kid you not) Steve Jobs announced something seemingly subtle, but actually really big: a name change. Apple Computer, inc., will from now on forward be called Apple, inc., reflecting the fact that Apple is more and more turning into a general electronics company instead of a computer/software company.

That was it. No information on Leopard or new computers. As always, a big thank you to MacRumors for providing a very detailed live text feed from the Keynote.

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