posted by Thom Holwerda on Mon 22nd Jan 2007 10:40 UTC
IconYesterday we reported on 'Ten Reasons Not to Get Vista', featuring two rebuttals. APCMag, the publisher of the first article, now also published a rebuttal. "I've been running Vista at APC since the earliest leaked builds, and witnessed its extraordinary evolution as Microsoft meandered its way towards the final product. Sure, the earlier versions included some bold features which were dropped for the sake of familiarity in the final version, but there's still lots to appreciate about the 'RTM' version of Vista. I'm not talking here about a nicer user interface or security - I figure APC readers already know how to run a secure XP box and how to de-Fisher-Price it. Here are the real benefits: things that will actually make a difference to you day-to-day." Instant Update: The original author has now published a rebuttal to the two rebuttals. Isn't the internet fun?
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