posted by Thom Holwerda on Mon 11th Jun 2007 14:30 UTC
IconTonight (19:00 CET), Apple's CEO Steve Jobs will deliver his keynote speech for the attendants of Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference in San Fransisco. As always, the Mac world is buzzing with rumours. Firstly, a photo taken with a camera phone suggests Apple will release a sub-notebook, with a 10" LED widescreen, 120GB flashdrive, and a programmable LCD keyboard. Another persistent rumour is that Apple will replace its iMac line with thinner, brushed-metal 20" and 24" iMacs. Lastly, a German website claims to have an outline of the keynote speech - this outline confirms the new iMacs, but also has some interesting notes on Leopard: a unified, standard theme (this alone would make the keynote worthwhile for me), a new Finder, resolution independence, and more. As always, take these rumours with a bag of salt.
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