posted by Eugenia Loli on Sat 28th Sep 2002 22:44 UTC, submitted by José León Serna
IconA few months back we reported on XPwm, a window manager and a desktop that emulates the behaviour of Windows XP. Today, the project is renamed to XPde, it has a new release, and it now looks more polished. Read more for the message the developer sent us.

XPde, XP-like desktop environment

XPde it's a project that tries to recreate the Windows XP desktop environment on Linux. The main purpose is to build a bridge for all the normal Windows users, allowing them to "feel at home" in front of a Linux computer. This is done by reproducing every Windows XP feature "exactly", and when I say "exactly", I mean to the pixel, so with the adecuate theme, a normal user could hardly distinguish between Windows XP and XPde. If you are a developer, this environment is not for you, I encourage you to use Gnome or KDE, because are more powerful desktops and have more features for to developers, but if you are developer looking for a desktop to install to your Windows customers, this is for you.

I started this project a long time ago, it was first called w2kwm, and it was just only an experiment, but after see all the Linux distributions that are focusing on the desktop market, I decided to spend some time on it.

This project it's being developed with Kylix 3, the best tool (IMO) to develop Linux applications, this project is also useful to show how powerful this tool can be. The license of the project is GPL, but I have not polished the code yet, so it's not available for download, I will publish it on a few days.

Visit for more information, downloads and screenshots.

José León Serna

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