posted by Thom Holwerda on Sat 5th Jan 2008 23:41 UTC, submitted by koki
IconHaikuware carries a Q&A of Ingo Weinhold, one of the main contributing developers to the Haiku Project. In this mini-interview, Ingo talks about his beginnings in the community, his motivations for adopting BeOS, his involvement in Haiku development, and a bit about his professional work too. He also gives a bit of insight about his Haiku-related subprojects, and expresses his determination to port the development tool chain and optimize critical services as the first steps to make Haiku usable as a full time OS for early adopters. “Being a professional Java developer and enjoying Java hacking,” Ingo also seems to be thrilled by the recently announced Haiku Java Team and the prospect of finally getting Java on Haiku.
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