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1. PowerMac G4 Cube

It will be no surprise to OSNews regulars that my favourite computer design of all-time is the PowerMac G4 Cube. I owned one for a while, but had to sell it due to it not being fast enough to run Leopard. I sold it to a guy who was going to replace his NeXTcube with my PowerMac Cube. I cried tears of joy inside. I already detailed the Cube fairly well in a previous article of mine:

"The Cube is Apple's pinnacle of design; a cube-shaped computer suspended in a glass plastic housing measuring 10"x8"x8". The computer itself is grey, the Apple logo embossed on the housing is the dark greyish-blue variant (smoke). On top there are two air vents, as well as a slotloading optical drive. There is no power button; instead, there is what I refer to as a power 'sensor'; the sensor 'feels' it when you lay your finger on it, and powers up (or down).

It came in either a 450Mhz or 500Mhz G4 version (with lots of cache; remember, it is a PowerMac), with 64Mb or 128Mb pc100 SDRAM respectively. It had a 20GB or 30GB hard drive (according to Eugenia, "the slowest drive ever"). There were no audio ports; instead it came with a USB amplifier with two Harman Kardon 'sphere' speakers attached to it. It had one ethernet port, two USB ports, two FireWire ports, VGA and ADC display ports, a modem, and an Airport slot. The Cube had an Ati Rage 128 Pro video card with 16Mb of RAM (meaning no Quartz Extreme). It did have a free AGP slot, so many Cubes, including mine, were fitted with the more powerful, Quartz Extreme-capable GeForce 2MX cards with 32MB of RAM. The optical drive could be a CD-RW or a DVD-ROM drive.

The entire device is passively cooled; not a fan to be found. In other words, this device is completely silent, no noise whatsoever (except from the drives, of course)."

Little has changed since then. I still hope Apple will, one day, revive the Cube, and position it in between the dreadfully ugly Mac Mini, and the hopelessly overpowered (for ordinary desktop use) Mac Pro.

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