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IconTwo days ago, the news that a company called Psystar was offering a Mac clone made quite some waves across the net. They were offering their Open Computer, a standard x86 machine, which they could pre-load with Mac OS X Leopard."We're not breaking any laws,", they insisted. ComputerWorld and The Guardian did some digging around, and found some discrepancies.

The Guardian noted a whole boatload of shady matters surrounding Psystar. First, they called the Miami Chamber of Commerces, but they had never heard of a company called Psystar. In addition, even though the company's website was registered in 2000, Google and searches find nothing about the company dating from before this week.

That's not all though. Calling the company either gives you an error, or you get someone on the line who keeps referring your questions to the press email address of the company. Sending an email to the company leaves you with no reply. The weirdest thing is yet to come, though.

The company changed address. From one place in Miami, a residential area, to another, more 'business-y'. The Guardian has the screenshots to prove it, too.

ComputerWorld picked up where The Guardian left off, by contacting the second address. This address is home to three business, one of which is, Inc. They say they have never heard of Psystar. "I don't know how they got this address," said a spokesman.

While you really shouldn't jump to conclusions, the findings by The Guardian and ComputerWorld are unnerving at best. Ars says Psystar promised them an Open Computer for review, so I would wait a few weeks before placing your orders. In the meantime, Steve Wozniak says he likes the prices, so he may get one.

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