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IconIn October 2006, Hans Reiser, creator of the ReiserFS filesystem, was arrested under the suspicion of the murder of his wife, Nina, who had disappeared off the face of the earth after dropping their two children off at Hans' home. The two were divorced, and fighting a legal battle over ownership of the Namesys company and the custody of their children. Even though the body was never found, he has been declared guilty of first degree murder.

According to reports, the six-month trial culminated in a two and half day long deliberation. The prosecutors presented a "mountain" of circumstantial evidence, such as emails in which Reiser called his wife and her family "nazis", the fact he ripped out the carpeting and passenger seat of his car, and withdrew thousands of Dollars. In addition, traces of Nina's blood were found in Hans' home, and Hans did not help in the search after her disappearance.

Hans Reiser's defence pointed to the lack of direct evidence linking him to the disappearance, and that there were normal explanations for his behaviour after the disappearance. They also stated that since no body had been found, Nina might still be alive - although several people testified she would never leave her children.

Hans Reiser appeared shocked as the verdict was read. DuBois, Reiser's attorney, said: "We're disappointed, but we're not completely surprised."

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