posted by Thom Holwerda on Fri 9th May 2008 13:19 UTC, submitted by Moulinneuf
IconIn July of 2007, Skype lost a court case over their failure to include a copy of the GPL in their WSKP100 VoIP phone - it ran Linux, GPL software, which means a copy of the GPL license must be included. The case was started by the group. Skype decided to appeal against the decision, but it has decided to withdraw that appeal.'s Harald Welte revealed the move in a blog post. He explained that despite the court suggesting the two parties find middle ground, would settle for nothing less but full GPL compliance. The blog post reads:

The various arguments by Skype supporting their claim that the GPL is violating German anti-trust legislation as well as further claims aiming at the GPL being invalid or incompatible with German legislation were not further analyzed by the court. The court stated that there was not enough arguments and material brought forward by Skype to support such a claim.

According to Welte, the court hinted twice that if it would come to a judgement, Skype's chances of winning would be minimal. Skype asked for a short break, and when they returned, they withdrew their appeal, meaning the original court decision still stands. Welte writes: "we have successfully won what has probably been the most lengthy and time consuming case so far."

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