posted by Thom Holwerda on Tue 13th May 2008 20:34 UTC
IconMicrosoft has released the first service pack to Microsoft Office:Mac 2008. The company also said that sales of Office:Mac 2008 have "soared", and that it is "selling faster than any previous version of Office for Mac in the past 19 years". Microsoft also had a surprise announcement about Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) support.

Craig Eisler, general manager of the Mac BU at Microsoft, said:

The response has been amazing - since we launched in January, the velocity of sales for Office 2008 is nearly three times what we saw after the launch of Office 2004.

SP1 is supposed to continue to spur sales of Office 2008. According to Microsoft, the update improves Office 2008's "security, stability, and performance" (is there ever an update that doesn't?). "This includes fixes for vulnerabilities that an attacker can use to overwrite the contents of a computer's memory by using malicious code." In true service pack fashion, the update also includes all previously released patches and fixes. The download is about 180MB, and can be obtained through the Microsoft Auto Update program, or from Mactopia.

Microsoft decided to surprise Mac users too with the announcement that VBA support will be re-introduced to Microsoft Office for the Mac after popular demand, however, it does not offer a timeframe for the feature.

Sharing information with customers as early as possible continues to be a priority for the Mac BU to allow customers to plan for their software needs. Although the Mac BU increased support in Office 2008 with alternate scripting tools such as Automator and AppleScript - and also worked with MacTech Magazine to create a reference guide - the team recognizes that VBA-language support is important to a select group of customers who rely on sharing macros across platforms.

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