posted by Thom Holwerda on Sun 15th Jun 2008 20:47 UTC, submitted by eMalware
IconWe all know about PsyStar, the company that sells an unofficial Macintosh clone running Mac OS X Leopard. While the device runs Leopard fine, it has its shortcomings in that operating system updates have to go through PsyStar testing first, becuase they might break your installation. While this problem isn't addressed with this product, EFiX aims to simplify installing Mac OS X Leopard on your non-Apple machine.

The device is a USB dongle that takes care of the 'hacking' for you, allowing you to install Mac OS X on a non-Apple machine straight from the Mac OS X DVD - no replacing of files or applying of patches. OSX86 hacker Netkas demonstrated a demo unit on his blog.

The unit is supposed to go on sale starting 23rd June.

Via Engadget.

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