posted by Thom Holwerda on Mon 2nd Feb 2009 12:00 UTC
IconSince it's nigh on impossible to produce accurate figures of operating system usage, we have to make do with figures that provide a rough estimate, at best. One such set of statistics are the figures from Net Applications, which tracks the 160 million monthly visitors to its hosted websites. The latest figures from January 2009 have been published, and they show that the rise of Mac OS X continues, as well as that of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Unsurprisingly, Windows 7 did quite well too.

The Mac OS X consolidated its strong market position, now having 9.93% of the internet traffic as measured by Net Applications. The iPhone grew from 0.44% in December 2008 to 0.48% in January 2009. The iPod Touch did even better, growing 37.5% to 0.11%. With Apple doing so well, it's no miracle others are hurting.

The biggest loser here is Linux, which dropped 3.53% from 0.85 to 0.82%. The other loser is Windows, which dropped to 88.27%, from 88.68% in December. Windows 7 made a decent impact here, rising from, well, nothing, to 0.23% on January 31st; not bad for a beta release.

The below schematic shows all the important data in one view:

OS Market Sare Trends.

As always, these figures come with a lot of ifs and buts, so take them with a grain of salt. Still, some figures are better than no figures at all.

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