posted by Thom Holwerda on Thu 19th Feb 2009 09:59 UTC
IconMicrosoft has achieved a major win in the "Vista Capable" class action lawsuit against the company. The suit, which is about if Microsoft knew the PCs it labelled as "Vista capable" weren't actually capable of running Vista's more advanced features, has lost its class action status.

This means that the people involved in the lawsuit now have to seek damages from Microsoft on an individual basis, greatly reducing their chances of success. In the ruling, the judge wrote: "Absent evidence of class-wide price inflation, Plaintiffs cannot demonstrate that common questions predominate over individual considerations."

Microsoft was obviously pretty pleased with this latest development. "We're pleased that the court granted our motion to decertify the class, leaving only the claims of six individuals," Microsoft said, "We look forward to presenting our case to the jury, should the plaintiffs elect to pursue their individual claims."

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