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3. Windows 7

Windows 7

The Windows 7 excitement induced me to install it on the One when I got the chance. I had already tested it happily on my desktop and had read that it ran well on many netbooks. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it did on the One. Mounting the ISO image using an unsupported program by Microsoft designed to mount images on Windows XP, I found that I could install Windows 7 directly from Windows XP without having to make a bootable USB drive. It made the process much easier.

I wasn't sure if I believed that Windows 7 could run well on a netbook, but I was happy to find that it ran beautifully--much better than expected. It had a startup and login time that was basically the same as Windows XP's, and I could run all of my necessary netbook programs smoothly, which are basically Google Chrome, Windows Live Writer, and Windows Media Player. The only system problems I ran into were sometimes a bit of sluggishness when opening programs or closing windows, and it did freeze once in my experience for no apparent reason.

The wireless, for some reason unknown to me, would sometimes stop working altogether and a restart was necessary to make it work again. Also, the activity light on the face of the One next to the wireless on/off switch does not function under any system I've tried except for Windows XP; not a horrible problem, but still problematic in certain situations.

The drivers for the webcam were not automatically installed but are available online at Acer's website. I didn’t try these drivers out before I deleted the Windows 7 partition, unfortunately, but I believe that using the available Windows Vista camera driver would suffice as I have installed other devices on Windows 7 using Vista drivers in the past. However, I do hope that the final release (which, on a side note, could come this fall) will include these drivers out of the box.

I give Windows 7 running on the One an 8.5/10. The user experience is exceptional with only some minor bugs that will most likely be worked out come the official release. It runs a little slower than on my desktop, but only a little slower isn't too shabby considering I've got installed in the desktop a quad-core, 2 gigs of RAM, and a relatively hefty graphics card. On a side-note, Windows 7 generally used around 600-700 MB of my RAM on the Aspire One whereas it used around 800-900 MB on my desktop.

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