posted by Thom Holwerda on Tue 17th Mar 2009 18:43 UTC
IconApple held an event today announcing some of the new features coming in iPhone OS v3. Thee were loads and loads of new features, but the big ones are cut/copy/paste functionality, push notifications (I guess most developers will believe it when they finally see it), spotlight search, and many others.

Cut/copy/paste functionality is a small yet very often requested addition to the iPhone. It works by double-tapping a word or section of text, after which a bubble will pop-up with cut, copy, and paste options. Users can also drag to expand the selection. Tapping on an empty space will also bring up the pop-up, allowing you to paste your text.

Apple also added support for MMS into the SMS application, which has been renamed to the Messaging application. Users can also record voice memos and send those via MMs, as well as other audio clips and vCards. The updated application also supports deleting individual messages instead of just clearing the entire log.

By flicking to the left, you can now bring up a Spotlight interface that allows you to search the entire device, just like Spotlight on the Mac. It searches through documents, emails, applications, and so on.

Promised at last year's WWDC, push notifications will also finally arrive as a solution to the problem that the iPhone can't multitask. According to Apple, it took so long because they had to re-engineer the framework after they realised just how popular it would become.

There are load sof other features as well, such as Bonjour device discovery, peer-to-peer support, lots of new APIs (such as location awareness and maps), and much more. iPhone OS 3.0 is set to arrive this summer, and will be free for all iPhone owners. iPod Touch owners will have to pay USD 9.95 for the update.

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