posted by Thom Holwerda on Sat 2nd May 2009 10:23 UTC, submitted by Luis
IconYes boys and girls, it's Net Applications time. Sure, their figures are flawed, and sure, they're misused all over the non-scientifically educated media, but that doesn't mean they do not indicate trends. One of those trends was a slowly rising popularity of Linux, which hit 0.93% market share in August 2008, only to sink back again during the following months. Well, it's April May 2009 now, and Linux has finally crossed the 1% market share line!

I'm not going to repeat all the pitfalls and bear traps that come with these types of statistics, I assume we are all well and true familiar with them by now. Still, if you look at the progression of the figures, you can isolate trends, which can be just as interesting as definitive figures.

We can see that Windows' share has slowly been dropping, while Mac OS X' share has slowly been rising. The iPod Touch and iPhone are also climbing - obviously - and Linux always kind of fell by the wayside. Sure, it made tiny improvements, but it never reached any true milestones.

Until yesterday, when it broke the 1% barrier. It's now on 1.02% market share, thanks to a drop in Windows and Mac OS X. Some good news for the weekend, right?

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