posted by Thom Holwerda on Thu 2nd Jul 2009 20:54 UTC, submitted by Adurbe
IconWell, it really seems as if Psystar is committed to continue its business, no matter what. The company entered chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in May, and many wondered if this meant the end of the clone maker and the legal case between Apple and Psystar. Well, today the clone maker announced that it is emerging from chapter 11, and while they're at it, they also introduce a new "Mac".

The fact that the company is emerging from chapter 11 bankruptcy protection is probably the biggest surprise. Many thought that this would mean the end of the small company; not an odd thing considering the costs of litigation and company operation. "As you all may already be aware in late May, Psystar filed for Chapter 11 protection. Although this was critical to our continued daily operations, we now are ready to emerge and again battle Goliath," the company states, "More information will be available in the coming days when we will be formally discharged by the Bankruptcy court."

"When life gives you apples, make applesauce," they add cheekily.

The company also introduces two new products, one of which is a new Mac clone. The Open(7) sports a quad core Nehalem processor, a maximum of 12GB of RAM, and lots of other configuration options, coming in at 1499.99 USD for the base configuration. Mac OS X Leopard comes pre-installed at no additional cost.

I guess we also got an answer to the question to what Psystar was referring when it said it had Intellectual Property of its own: the Darwin Universal Boot Loader. This is a graphical bootloader that looks similar to Chameleon 2.0, of course with full Mac OS X and XNU support. Existing Psystar customers will get this new fancy bootloader as well, and they promise it will be released as open source shortly.

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