posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 15th Jul 2009 21:38 UTC
IconIt's time for another "OSNews asks" item. This time, I want to focus on something that I've been wanting to talk about with you all before, but never found the time for. The question is simple: which feature(s) from other operating systems would you like to see in your own main operating system?

As most of you will know, Windows 7 made me switch full-time to Windows again, and ever since last Christmas, when the beta got out, it's been my main operating system. As much as I "like" using Windows 7 (I hate all operating systems except BeOS), there's still a few features from other operating systems that I would like to see in Windows 7.

First and foremost, I am a big proponent of Mac OS X's Exposé. While I really like the new features Aero Snap brings to Windows when it comes to window management, there is simply no replacement for Exposé. I wish Microsoft would just suck it up and implement it alright. Sometimes it's simply better to admit that your competitor has a really good feature than to come up with a lame rip-off that doesn't work as well (Flip 3D). Exposé + Aero Snap = window management nirvana.

There are a number of third party tools that bring Exposé to Windows, but none of them work as smoothly and effectively as Exposé. Obviously, I'm open to suggestions.

Sticking to the area of window management, there are two things in this field I miss from BeOS. First, double-clicking on the titlebar to minimise a window. I find this a very natural way of minimising windows, and I personally find it a more logical result of double-clicking a titlebar than maximising. Mac OS X inherited the feature from Be engineers who joined Apple, and KDE and Compiz have the ability too. The second one is the ability to "send a window to back".

Another issue I have with Windows is that clicking an inactive window will make said window actually register that click. I prefer it when my clicks in an inactive window do not get processed by that window so you don't accidentally click a button or something similar. It also prevents you from having to search for a "safe" area to click.

Those are the main things I'm missing in my main operating system. What are yours?

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