posted by Thom Holwerda on Thu 20th Aug 2009 12:25 UTC
IconThe big thing in notebooks right now are netbooks. They're cheap, more than powerful enough for day-to-day tasks, and small enough to actually carry around without anyone even noticing you're carrying one (not a bad thing in some parts of the world). However, they also receive a lot of criticism, such as cramped keyboards and displays that are too small. So, at Kaiwai's suggestion, here's a question for you all: how do you use your netbook?

Over the past several years, people have begun buying laptops as their main computer instead of desktops. They take up less space, can be moved more easily, and these days, aren't that much more expensive than desktops, while still offering more than enough power to do what people want to do with computers.

However, most common laptops today aren't exactly very portable. Computer makers latched on to the idea that a laptop is generally not used as a portable device, but more as something that stays inside the house, and as such, there's really no need to focus too much on making it actually portable. Of course, you can spend a little bit more and get a laptop that does work well as a portable device. Personally, I believe Apple's laptops are the best bang for your buck in this segment.

Getting a really portable laptop became a rather expensive affair. Most manufacturers had higher-quality, lightweight laptops in their product portfolio, but they were often prohibitively expensive. That is - until the netbook came around. Suddenly we had truly portable machines with enough grunt to get the job done, for very, very affordable prices. However, being truly portable, these machines come with limitations. People often find the keyboards cramped, and the displays too small.

Still, netbooks are selling like bananas. So, the interesting question is: how do you use your netbook? Is it a supplement to a desktop machine? Is it a supplement to your laptop (where the laptop is your main machine no desktop involved)? Or do you have both a desktop and a laptop, but have the netbook as a supplement?

On top of that, what do you do with your netbook? What tasks do you perform? What operating system are you running? What software are you using? Comment away!

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