posted by Thom Holwerda on Fri 28th Aug 2009 22:05 UTC
IconThe week isn't even over yet, and we already have another instalment in the Apple-Psystar soap opera. Psystar has filed a new lawsuit in the Florida Southern District Court in Miami, asking for an injunction and damages because of Apple's "anticompetitive attempts to tie Mac OS X Snow Leopard to its Macintosh line of computers".

This new lawsuit is technically unrelated to the ongoing Apple vs. Psystar case, but it's still an interesting one. It is categorised as an antitrust lawsuit, and in it, Psystar claims it is entitled to be able to purchase, install, and resell copies of Mac OS X Snow Leopard on its own line of computers. In the filing, which is not accessible so we have to rely on AppleInsider for now, the cloen maker states it is already able to install Snow Leopard on its machines.

"The Psystar computers that run Mac OS X Snow Leopard are able to do so by running software, written by Psystar, that interfaces with the open-source portion of Mac OS X Snow Leopard," the filing states, "The manner in which Psystar computers run Mac OS X Snow Leopard is entirely different from the manner in which Psystar computers run Mac OS X Leopard."

The lawsuit asks the court for an injunction requiring Apple to cease tying Snow Leopard to Apple Macintosh machines. It also asks for an injunction prohibiting Apple from blocking Psystar from selling computers with Snow Leopard pre-installed.

From where Psystar is standing, this isn't that a weird thing to ask from the courts. Psystar has based its business model on installing and re-selling Mac OS X, so any attempts by Apple to prevent this can be seen as an antitrust violation (from Psystar's perspective, of course).

For us, it's just another case to follow.

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